March 14, 2012

Part II - Staging the RIM Comeback Step #2 - Show the Love to the Carriers, Baby

Last week I talked about step 1 in Part I - Staging the RIM Comeback. In this post I push the carrier angle because RIM has got some real golden nuggets to leverage with the carriers to help them win market share.

What’s a mobile device company to do these days to shine again? How about getting the carriers on board with your product? If RIM does whatever they have to do to get those carriers to push their products like there is no tomorrow, the new devices will be a godsend for users and RIM shareholders.

These days, the carriers really need some love. They have been battered around by Apple and Google. They want control; they want to be more than dumb pipes. RIM can make them feel smart again. RIM (and Nokia) can play a serious role in the revival of the carriers’ businesses and along the way give a serious run at the other two mobile platforms (see techcrunch article). From the network operating center, to the in-store push – RIM must make a play that will turn the carriers into advocates for the BlackBerry platform.

RIM has always been smarter about its usage of bandwidth and the carriers’ operating reality. It’s time to turn this into a competitive advantage that will deliver value to the customers. Not all devices are created equal. The same should hold for data plans. A device that is wiser about the network should also translate into something good for users.

Assuming BB10 is on par with other platforms from an end user experience standpoint, RIM needs to find ways to have carriers deliver data plans for RIM devices that are more attractive, because the carriers gain by having more RIM devices on their networks.

RIM’s backend and engineering-savvy platform is equivalent to Japanese cars before the oil crisis in the '70s. We know the wireless infrastructure has some serious challenges ahead. In a world where the future is all about data-throttling, RIM’s users are going to be the winners! There is clearly a giant opportunity for RIM and the carriers to align their interests more closely and win big together.

I can’t wait to see the new offers they’ll be cooking up to get customers to snap up those devices.


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