November 17, 2011

Twitter the dot connector

Twitter is about what is going on in the moment; it’s about the discussions happening now. Events big and small are happening in the world all the time and Twitter is becoming a bigger part of the conversations going on with every day that goes by. The big challenge for me with Twitter is that the stream of information feels like drinking from a fire hose. The interesting challenge to me is to try to leverage those conversations into more than 140 charactes messages going back and forth.

Sentiment analysis of the Twitter stream seems to have great potential. After all if you look at Deb Roy’s presentation at Web 2.0 Summit, you can quickly make sense of major trends if you zoom out of the Twitter stream to look more at the whole flow of conversations.

So Deb is explaining there is great opportunity for companies in filtering the Twitter stream against a structured data layer. So in case above, the structured layer is the TV grid and parsing the Twitter stream through it leads to some very interesting and new information.

From where I sit I compare Twitter messages to tcp/ip packets. They don’t make much sense on their own, but when all assembled they mean something. It’s just way too much information to process at the packet level. The business opportunity with Twitter is in connecting the dots between the packets.

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