November 29, 2011

RIM getting into agnostic mobile device management

Agnostic device management in the enterprise is a move (see Managing the mobile devices in the enterprise and three steps program to fix RIM) I have been talking about for a long time on this blog and with whoever wants to listen. I think this is a great step in the right direction to further enterprise relationships.

With BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, RIM Wants To Help Enterprises Manage Android, iOS Devices. With this type of move I believe RIM is playing to their strengths. RIM has great relationships with the IT departments of the fortune 500 and the people running those infrastructure are still fond of the control and security the RIM platform provides them. This is a step in the right direction on RIM's journey to make things happen even if the American consumers have other big shinny objects to look at now.  

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Jef said...

Man am I ever glad that RIM is getting their head screwed on straight. Being from Ottawa I am biased in wanting to see a world player tech company succeed. Though it's been difficult to mention RIM's name with pride since they have been hooked on the glamor of producing physical devices. I hope they are not too late to add the management support for 3rd party devices. I also hope internally they have the processes and process improvement practice in place to actually maintain some long term momentum.