November 12, 2011

Embrace your data fumes, Design the experience

I was web 2.0 summit a few weeks back.  One of the solid take aways for me was how data is key moving forward. It's no longer the realm of the Googles and Facebook only. David Hornik from August Capital discusses the investments he made in data in the following 5minutes video. David talks of this startup among many they funded that builds software to collect data fumes from IT systems in enterprises. They then  figure interesting things about problems and issues with the enterprise itself, which has a lot of value to the said enterprise.

Then a truly eye opening high order bit is done by Brad Rencher at Adobe. Brad goes on to talk about Vail resorts , a ski resort, and how it found a clear line of sight to the business impact of data. The lift tickets come with an RFID chip embedded. This allows for the uploading of ski data as a skier is doing runs and it has gamification to share performance and award badges. It changes how the skiers engage with Vail and how Vail engages with its customers.

In both presentations we clearly get that data is very important for good business. The power of data is in making more decisions faster, it's in more insight and in better decision making. The data power is also how it allows customers to engage with a brand and how a brand engages with customers to drive business impact to the bottom line.

Embrace your data fumes means:
If someone says "customer engagement" I equate this to the requirement to have great experience throughout the services I provide or products I sell. My point is you can't have engagement without intentional design of the experience itself. So if you are thinking about embracing your data fumes to drive more business impact, first and foremost carefully design the experience so that it is authentic for your users because, as Brad says 'You can't buy friends'


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