November 22, 2011

Culturally Yours!

After several weeks without giving an update on our culture evolution, today is the day ladies and gentlemen! To sum it up, we’ve been progressing, well actually more like limping along, the last few weeks. It’s far from a happy go lucky journey but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Our progress is difficult; we’re in a transition phase. We’re going from information gathering to implementation - or as I see from the la-la land of concepts to the day-to-day of reality … living, where the rubber hits the road. The initial energy and enthusiasm that fueled our initial progress has vanished. It makes for meetings that I find are more difficult to get through and I wish were more energizing.

You know WHAT? I believe it’s part of the process and it’s integral to the success of the culture evolution journey.
We’re in the phase where we get to test our metal. It’s this time when everyone has an opinion and they are all different. It’s this time when the clarity of the past feels so much better than the uncertainty of the unknown future. We want to move on, but we’re not sure about what is ahead. Letting go is hard and trusting ourselves that we’re doing the right thing is hard.

We have some really good nuggets that are really getting me fired up. As we say in our new values – It starts with you. It's time I shift - we all shift - our attention to working at living the values and helping and encouraging our teammates to living the values. This will help us all along the path to internalizing our new values.

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