September 15, 2011

Happy 14th Birthday Macadamian!

Bike diagram with reflectorsImage via WikipediaToday we are celebrating our 14th anniversary here at Macadamian. Yup, Macadamian is now 14. This brings all sorts of souvenirs: the initial setup, the ups the downs of running a business etc. The flashbacks are all rushing into my head. The times when you feel you're on the top of the world and the times when the only thing you really want is to find a rock to crawl under. The memories are so real. All in all we are doing amazingly well and I'm grateful for that, so every year we make it a point to celebrate another year - another candle!

Today though was truly special, because for the first time we decided to celebrate differently.  We decided to donate time and money towards a good cause. The team responsible for the social activities really went to town and used their budget to buy bicycles for under privileged kids and we donated time to put the bikes together in a friendly competition among the team here at Macadamian. So instead of doing a party among ourselves and having an activity, this year the party was about helping others.

Last year, the definition of what success is to me became much clearer than it ever had been. I communicated to the team that from now on I would look at success along what we now call the three legged stool:
  1. Commercial Performance - who we work with, who we compete with, what we do & and how we do it,
  2. Financial Performance - investment in training, employees and equipment, top line growth, bottom line profit, 
  3. Social Involvement - embracing our regional realities and helping to improve them in ways we can makes a difference.
This year we have hit the ball out of the park. Commercially we are co-creating products with our customers that I believe are truly pushing the envelope. We are helping our customers compete against the best in the world. As for Financially, we have busted through many of the past records we had. Whether it's number of quarters of consecutive growth, biggest quarter ever, AND biggest year ... we blew them all this year. So no need to tell you - I believe this to be a MACTASTIC year!

Now for the truly original aspect - the Social Involvement.  From the outset I always wondered how the fact that I wanted an emphasis on our social involvement as a meter of our success would turn out. Today, with the social activity of helping 20 under privileged kids get brand new bikes and seeing them riding the bike for the first time with their brand new helmet on, just topped it off for me. It went straight to my heart. We created a memory that chances are they will remember for a lifetime ... their first bike!

I'm sure I have at least another post in me about the experience of today, at least to show you pictures. Right now the short of it is:
  • The feedback from the crew is unanimous - they all had a great time,
  • The energy in the after activity at our office was amazing - everybody was really happy about what they experienced today,
  • I made a new connection with people I work with today,
  • I am prouder to be a Macadamian tonight, than I was just this morning!
To see a kid ride his bike that you just assembled with a team of co-workers that decided to donate money out of the party budget to buy the bikes is BIG emotionally. To have moms coming up afterwards to hug you because they are so happy for their little one to have the opportunity to ride a brand new bike, is HUGE. I swear it will bring tears to the toughest guy you have on your team. Try it, it's worth it!


Bogdan Gheorghe said...

did you make Chad Scott cry? :)

Sylvain St-Germain said...

Bogdan, Chad Scott, just like Chuck Norris does not produce tears.

Frederic Boulanger said...

Guys I swear we could have extracted water out of a rock yesterday - Chad and Chuck had they been there would have just fell apart!!! Have a good one guys!

Chad Scott said...

I expect there would have been crying involved... Though it would likely have been tears induced from the laughter of watching me attempt to build a bicycle.

14 years is just the beginning Macadamian. Here's to another 14.