September 21, 2011

Great 4th MoMo in Ottawa

Yesterday we had our forth Mobile Monday in Ottawa. Rob Woodbridge and yours truly started momo Ottawa in the thick of summer back in June. For those who may not be familiar with the movement, mobile Monday is a worldwide movement. All big cities around the world like new york, San Francisco, tons in Europe and closer to us Montreal and Toronto every month have their own. It all started in Helsinki Finland, kudos to them, what a ride it's been. The events are organized by volunteers.

The purpose of the gathering is to foster the mobile world and innovation on the mobile. Get the mobile sector to network, between small and large companies and individuals. The startup guys, the startup curious, the tech heads, and the suits in other words. It's an opportunity to present what you have cooked up, discuss trends in the mobile marketplace, and learn.

About last Night!
So last night I was fortunate to lead a discussion with a great panel of entrepreneurs working the mobile pavement! We got the opportunity to learn some more about some very successful individuals and their business. Who were the panelist (from left to right):

What did I take away?
Here the three points that resonated with me.

First, remember plastic, 'well the mobile opportunity is bigger than plastic!' great quote from Doug Brouse to start things off.  Mobile and local is only getting started, we're barely scratching surface of this opportunity. It's big because of it's accessibility, it's a perfect storm of connectivity and location. Huge changes in behaviour are happening and will be happening because of the mobile, one step at a time, one app, one service at a time. The mobile experience is being invented NOW. We're lucky to be part of this revolution and it's a very accessible revolution. Investments are required but the cost of getting a sustainable business is low.  Take for example when it's time to market your apps, it's a lot more about finding on my own an influencer blogs, and pitching my idea to them to get exposure, than it's about advertising. This is exactly what Anthony Rizk did with Zeebu, getting his kid app on mom blogs, which are big influencers.

Second business is a competitive sport, it's is not about the perfect solution, go talk to customers early and be ready to compete. There will be competition in your field from the get go, get ready to run and out run that competition. Talking early with your customers, and creating a good relationship there, will help get some very important information that  can be leveraged to your advantage. Nick Quain did exactly that, fostering relationship with his channel around his product #taxi. Since drinking responsibly and taking a cap go hand in hand, he realized he could tap other budgets within his clients to promote his app. This is pure and very astute hustle.

Third get help, outside views are very important, bouncing ideas around to advisors or directors or plain simply people you trust with pay off huge. Ultimately you make the call and make sure you have enough input to make the best decision in the shortest time.

and here is a bonus one - Don't procrastinate it, just do it!

Don't miss the next one, the more we are the merrier!

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