August 19, 2011

So the HP TouchPad is Dead, Long Live webOS?

The news this morning is that HP is killing the TouchPad and all phones. What does it mean for webOS?  Aside from being a great week for Google:
  • Buying up Motorola mobile and,
  • HP, a worthy competitor by all accounts, now backing away from direct competition on tablets and phones.
What will happen with webOS and why do I care?

Firstly, I'm one of the few schmucks who bought the tablet and am about to return it. My first impressions of the tablet were overall lukewarm. The platform has promises but delivers on few of them. So from that standpoint I think it would have been a money pit for HP to compete against others phone and tablet makers.

Secondly, I think this means oddly enough more competition/choice in the mobile world, not less. As many people are already commenting, HP will work harder to license webOS. I think we will see licensees coming out of the woodwork soon enough. Hear me out.

Timing is Everything

Google just bought Motorola; lots of android phone makers are now competing directly with the mothership. Now that HP is calling its own effort off, it might be seen as a good thing for Google. But wait. HP selling its own devices must have been a peeve of several potential licensees out there. If I'm Samsung, competing with HP and Google at the same time is not my first choice; so HP out is a good thing as Martha would say. When is the best time to plant an oak tree as they say, knowing it's only going to be beautiful several years from now? The answer is NOW. So again, if I'm Samsung, I'm going to hedge my bets on something else because Google is getting too much like MS or that fruit company. I will start now to build the support and experience differentiation on another linux-based OS, ie. webOS. The time is now for HTC, Samsung etc. Long live webOS.

What do ya think?

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Konrad said...

I hope your right!