July 15, 2011

Wrapping up my Startup Festival Montreal

So I'm having a good time at Startup Festival in Montreal. It's great to experience the startup scene again. It's been a longtime coming, and Montreal has really good vibe going these days. The startup Festival team is doing a great job. I mean this in the nicest way, the conference feels like a startup, it's rugged and staked with solid raw content. No fluff here!

Saw some great startup pitches, got to see some great speakers. For me this meant great meetings, great learning sessions. The energy is very good, like everything is possible! Celebrating startups and the startup spirit is good, no matter if we're in a bubble or not. More startups means more successful companies, this means more successful people, this in turn means more successful companies, this also means more help for the new startups in wisdom and money, it's as simple as that really!

Let's make this a yearly event! Or take this show on the road. Startup festival is making starting startups cool again.

I got to run now, sorry that I will miss @mgingras and the tungle story!

So long and thanks for all the fish StartupFest!

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