July 29, 2011

US is addicted to drama, re:debt ceiling

The western front of the United States Capitol...Image via WikipediaI'm following the crisis in the making in the US regarding the debt ceiling.  I can't but think that the politicians are big drama queens, and the US ones are top notch in this regard. I'm frustrated to see people who just can't put aside their agenda for a greater cause. No they will push this down to the wire, until the other party blinks. This is a big show down for what? I hope this comes to resolution for their sake and ours ultimately as well! The frustrating part is the solution they will settle on comes August 2nd, that solution that will raise the debt ceiling, the have it right in front of them right now. It's called common sense - they approved the expenses 8months ago in the budget, and now they need to approve the check to pay for them, get on with it and pay.

It makes me  wonder who benefits from the drama, it's the US after all, somebody must be. As my american friends tell me all the time, nothing gets done if there is not money to be made. It goes hand in hand with 'don't take it personally it just business'.  So who is making money from this?

Or is it something else? As they say you can't blame the wolves for killing animals, they are carnivores. You can't blame politicians for thinking short-term, they are after the votes. There must be lots of money in votes.

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