July 27, 2011

Beautifully designed product : 95% Ipad activation in the enterprise

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory.Image via WikipediaIn information week, 'iPad still dominates Android in Enterprises'. The numbers from Good Technology a company that provides managed device services for enterprises points to a clear dominance from iPad in the Fortune 500 companies.

The iPad represented more than 95% of tablet activations Good Technology made for corporate clients during Q2 2011, the company said. During this period, Android tablet activations declined slightly to 3.1%.
There is no information on the size of the sample from Good, although they have a pretty good coverage in the Fortune 100 companies with the top financial organisations and healthcare related companies. It points to a strong data point, one to consider.

What does it mean:
The fact that enterprise is latching on so quick to the tablet way of doing things is quite impressive on its own.  The product iPad, has only been around for about 15months. Enterprise is not recognized as an early adopter by any means. The tablet, iPad, is truly addressing an unsatisfied need. What is it that makes so much sense in the enterprise that would explain the tablet pickup?

I believe we went from a solution that was so-so (mobile+desktop), to a solution that truly allows decision making on the spot (iPad).

Information access = faster decision making
The initial wave of mobile devices rolled out in the enterprise were about getting people the information where they were. The possibility of getting access to your information while at the soccer game, or away on a business trip was the big selling point. It didn't really matter that the experience was not optimal, and that the information access in question was limited to only a few file formats. Email was the big driver.

With this information, decision could be made faster. Although we still longed to view it on a computer, we were able to get the job done. Let's face it up until the iPad we still had the response from time to time 'I'm on the road, I tried to view the information, but can't make sense of it on my mobile, I will get back to you when I'm in the office'

Beautifully designed product = effective decision making
Now with the iPad who gives a hoot about the desktop really. One can make decisions now with no compromise on the experience, wishing for something else. One can go about just anything with the same level or better experience than on a desktop, this is the power of touch UI, the power of design.

iPad = Impact full product 
iPad brings technology and design together with no compromise on the experience. The iPad is an elegant and efficient solution with high impact. Design and Technology in one package are becoming each others strengths amplifiers. The technology accessible because of the design, the design works because of the power of the technology. Companies like Motorola cranking out plane jane android tablets(Xoom) will need to differentiate and work at integrating more differentiation. A differentiated and useful experience means that holds well together creates an impact with the user.

What are Enterprises about?
Any successful enterprise values productivity, and durability. The iPad embodies both and adds elegance.  Is the iPad going to be stopped, or stoppable? I haven't tried out the TouchPad from HP,  it is a differentiated, engaging and provide a useful experience just from my playing with the phone. In addition HP clearly has a strong foothold in the enterprise. The TouchPad could have a shot if leveraging HP's enterprise channel.

From an integration standpoint Apple doesn't have a whole lot of experience in the enterprise. It is in my mind a strike against the product continued domination for that reason alone. On the flip side I think the iPad is the only game in town so people will create solutions to make it enterprise friendly, ie even more of a productivity tool, success feeding more success.

If it was on for all the forests they will save tablets are going to be huge success:
The iPad is the best thing that could have happened to our forests. It will bring the printing of those large reference documents and deck we all bring to meetings down dramatically.

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