June 7, 2011

Update on Digital Economy Strategy

A map of Canada exhibiting its ten provinces a...Image via WikipediaTwo months back I wrote a post here on Canada's Digital Economy Strategy or lack thereof. It was important to me to raise the level of awareness to the issue during the election.  I wanted to take the opportunity to give an update on the Throne's Speech of yesterday and the new budget being tabled.  ITAC has put out their press release about it,  Harper Government Re-Tables Budget 2011, Confirms Commitment to Digital Economy Strategy. From ITAC's press release, not much has changed in the budget itself since it was first tabled 77days ago. In the Throne speech, the interesting points regarding the digital economy strategy are as follow:
  • "In order to improve Canada’s productivity, enhance our economic competitiveness and increase our standard of living, our Government will continue to make targeted investments to promote and encourage research and development in Canada's private sector and in our universities, collegesand polytechnics.  It will look for ways to support innovation while ensuring that federal investment in research and development is effective and maximizes results for Canadians.  It will also release and implement a Digital Economy Strategy that enhances digital infrastructure and encourages Canadian businesses to adopt digital technologies and provide digital-skills training for their employees and new hires."
I think it's baby steps in the right direction, the government has the strategy on the agenda. Productivity is such a hot topic for so much of our economy. We can't hide behind a low currency anymore, we need to step up, and help people realize it's key moving forward. I'm relieved to see Harper's government is paying attention. There are several mentions of investment in key drivers of economic growth. The language seems to indicate a realisation of the importance of the digital economy in Canada's future.  In wrapping, me parting thoughts: M. Paradis(@christianparad) - Let's get on the get on!
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