June 24, 2011

A Father's Day Cookout on the Big Green Egg with Planet BBQ from Steven Raichlen

Last weekend was Father's Day so Manon, my significant other, asked me: What is it that you want to do with YOUR day? My answer was: I want to BBQ all day! So we invited a few people over and I set out to cook Father's Day dinner. Now that's my kind of treat.

Big Green Egg (BGE) Learning

A BGE bbq day, wouhou! I was already a big fan after my first experience. The more cooking I do on the BGE, the more I like it. There is something about it that brings out the caveman in me. I'm getting better at controlling the temperature. I still have a lot of learning to do on evaluating the heat left in a given quantity of burning charcoals. This last part can get frustrating when it's time to bring the heat UP and the temperature gauge just sits there!

Check Out Steven Raichlen - Well Worth It

So for Father's Day, in addition to giving me the full day to cook, Manon bought me the plan├Ęte bbq book from Steven Raichlen. You can visit recettes-bbq to get an idea of what is in the book. I'm sure there is an English version of this somewhere too. This is my third book from Grilling Master Raichlen. I already have How to Grill and Ribs. So far I have been impressed by the simplicity of the recipes and the descriptions, and the results are just simply fantastic. The new book was all the inspiration I needed for my menu.

Cardamon Here We Come!

I set out the following menu:

  • Chicken Tikka with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce
  • Grilled Eggplant and Red Pepper Salad
  • Naan Bread
  • And a whole Lemon Grass Chicken
This was a full day for me, as I also BBQ'd a whole lemon grass chicken. The results if you are wondering were all really good. It's not the first time I do naan bread, but it was the first time I was happy with the result. Everyone around the table enjoyed the meal. We were at the cottage; the day was just wonderful; the food hit the spot. It was priceless!

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