June 28, 2011

dual-screened 2-in-1 Android smartpad from Imerj

Ever since I saw the first link at engadget about the Imerj 2-in-1 prototype I've been meaning to comment on the concept.

What comes to mind for me is the following thought:
Let's kick it up a notch.
  • Twice the screen real estate and great screen quality to boot;
  • User accessible multi-tasking;
  • A full keyboard and a full screen;
  • Great internal storage capacity, up to 128GB;
  • All of the Android platform power;
  • and many more things.
Carrying this in my pocket, what has changed?
The Imerj prototype aims at kicking it up a notch on several aspects from all the way back to when the first BlackBerry came out and we could check emails while waiting for the plane, up to the iPhone offering us the possibility to browse during that same wait for the plane image. It looks like now we're done once and for all with compromising information visualization and productivity among other things while carrying nothing more than a phone!

1 comment:

Doug Michaelides said...


Very cool product. I can't wait to see how clever Android app developers take advantage of the new screen form factor to create new functions and improved UI. I could even be convinced to give up my Blackberry for this rather than an iPhone!