June 10, 2011

The Big Green Egg Grill Newbie

Last year I bought a Big Green Egg grill towards the end of the BBQ season. As I was unloading it, I hurt my back. Before I could get better for real, snow was on the ground so I wasn't able to assemble it and try it out.

What's a Big Green Egg Grill

A Big Green Egg grill is the best grill there is, so I have read. From the blogs around, it's a great BBQ and gives a real yet subtle charcoal taste to whatever you're cooking. 

You guessed it, it's green and it's shaped like an egg. It's all ceramic, so it heats up quickly and can get to temperatures that regular grills won't come close to. Needless to say I could not wait to try it out. On my last visit to the cottage I took the opportunity to put the grill together.

The First Experience with the Big Green Egg

I use charcoal on my weber and I'm not particularly good with it. The Big Green Egg grill is charcoal so it makes me a little apprehensive. I lit up the coal, left the Big Green Egg open for a few minutes as recommended, then closed it. I was told it heats quickly; within 10 minutes your grill can get north of 700F. For me, after 20 minutes I was not close to 550F. I started to wonder what I was missing. Since I had a family to feed, I just went ahead. 

With the steaks on the grill, I started fiddling around with the vents. This is when I realized the top vent opens much more than I thought. So I flipped the steaks and opened the top vent. Silly me - I went inside for what must have been no more than 1 minute and when I came back the steaks were beyond medium; they had all their juices up. I might have just thrown $50 into the fire I thought!

I had just discovered the one law of grilling with the Big Green Egg:  MORE OXYGEN = MORE HEAT!

Tasting the Result!

So I sit down. People around the table are saying the steaks are indeed well done AND they are good. I'm thinking they are being polite; those steaks are beyond well done. So I taste my steak, which is easily the most well done of the bunch and ... it's the best overcooked steak I have ever had from my grills! I prefer medium rare by far, but that steak had a taste I had not experienced before. It was this subtle charcoal taste. I was in heaven!

I hope the next round of steaks will turn out medium rare with the same great taste. Hey maybe ... the Big Green Egg is the best darn grill around. 

I can't wait to try out the smoking and taste the results!


Sherif said...

I really appreciate the charcoal taste but I went with a regular gas grill, because I am afraid the charcoal might leave a big mess of charcoal ashes that will become a nightmare one day?

Frederic Boulanger said...

With gas you have no residue, with charcoal you do. So far so good on the ashes mess, BGE burns stuff off pretty good. It's no worse qty wise than what we vacuum in the kitchen week after week!

Alan S. Debellis said...

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