May 26, 2011

Twitter and R8it, our own social rating experiment, Part 1

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseThe Pain

I go to several conferences every year. Some of the conferences I go to are not directly related to our line of business; it's more about understanding what is coming in terms of trends.

In my mind every occasion counts to make a contact or do business. Since some of these conferences are not industry specific, booking meetings ahead of time is difficult because I don't know that many people there.

My pain at these conferences is that I'm one guy going from talk to talk, booth to booth and party to party. Life is hard I know!! Seriously, my point is I'm one guy and there is only so much I can cover. The question is how to multiply the visibility of Macadamian with my presence at these conferences.

The Experiment:

So I had this idea to create an application that would allow me to rate everything there is about a conference.


We thought that by creating an application to help people rate their experience at a conference a few things would happen:
  • I would draw attention to myself by tweeting my ratings using the application;
  • People would use the application to also rate their experience after seeing my tweets on the conference hash tag;
  • This would increase Macadamian's profile with the twitter audience of the conference.
Rating a conference would mean:
  • Speaker - rating their presentation by linking a rating directly to their twitter handle or name;
  • Booth - rating the exhibit floor booth using the company twitter handle;
  • Parties - rating the conference parties;
  • Conference - rating the overall conference.
We decided to keep things extremely simple. We have a great team of designers and developers at Macadamian, so in no time I had an HTML5 app to do just that, working on all mobiles with a decent browser!

In Part 2, I will cover our results and what we learned from the iterations we made to the application.

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Shawn McCormick said...

Interesting idea do you plan to promote the app? Or is it just going to be through you using the conference hashtag and tweeting your feedback?

Frederic Boulanger said...

Hey Shawn, this is a great question. We thought the app like this would self promote, ie likely go viral. I believe the rating experience pain is more with the conference organizers than the conference goers. I haven't found a way yet to make kickstart a rating phenomenon! I'm planning to speak with conference organizers to understand this aspect better, and their need for speaker and overal conference feedback. Promoting to users would have to be from a conference standpoint with the data I have gathered so far.

Peter Lalonde said...

As a frequent conference attendee and past organizer...I love this idea. It would be a very useful tool when splitting sessions with colleagues. Have you thought about a way to publish a consolidated report at the end?

Frederic Boulanger said...

Peter, thanks for the endorsement! the report idea is inline with out thinking, we're on the same wave length. I believe there is value to such summary.