April 20, 2011

Oreilly Where 2.0 a good day

Wow, what a great conference so far. There are questions and opportunities I don't get to deal with in my day-to-day life as much as I would like to. It's fun to immerse yourself into a different state of mind than your day-to-day.

The themes:

  • Location based services: it's all about going local; it's white hot. Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp and so many more not as well known like badger and ditto are going to fight like crazy to get track of your location and do some analytics on it.
  • Mapping: aspect of your location. So many resources are poured into this in order to help make our smartphones be smarter and the services be smarter. Only 15% of the population lives in an area where electronic maps are available.
  • Crowd sourcing: this whole local thing is also big on crowd sourcing and tapping the user to update and correct the data.
Take aways:
  • On a mobile people, don't read long reviews and are even less likely to write ones. Find other ways to get opinions and appreciation of services or goods. Tap structured data sources. Many services are out there for application developers to select and tap. Give up on writing!
  • Analytics: for the foreseeable future a good chunk of the R&D budget is going to be around how to make sense of the data your app is gathering. It's the context of right here right now, with your history of actions.
Quotes of the day:
  • @dens from foursquare - 'foursquare is longitude latitude and a userid!'
  • @patrickmeier - 'use facebook to schedule the riot, twitter to coordinate it and youtube to tell the world' - an egyptian protester
Coolest things of the day:
  • http://maps.ovi.com/3d - it will blow your mind how beautiful and high res this is; use San Francisco for city.
  • 360cities - they are now providing pictures to bing; they have this new stitching mobile app; give it a whirl, it's called panomonkey


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Thanks for giving us a shoutout! - Team Badger.

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