December 10, 2010

Fitbit tracker - a trend to watch in mobile health

I was surfing around the fast co design awards IDEA 2010, I stumbled on FitBit. I think it's beautiful in its simplicity. It helps you calculate your number of steps during a day, the calories burned. It also helps you figure the quality of your sleep. We have created sleep monitoring software a while ago. The setup required to be able to do the monitoring used to be so much more complicated, with so many wires, it was a puzzle to me how people could sleep at all! Now with this device you get all of the functionality and more in one little package. There is a lot to be said about technology advancement, and designing simplicity.

The second aspect of Fitbit that I really think is solid moving forward is it's a precursor of the future. Tomorrow is all about small devices like these collecting information about us and what we do, to assist us in monitoring our help. They will be using our phone to communicate those results, and get new objectives from central Patient Record portals. The health of tomorrow is about mobile, and patient involvement. FlitBit tracker opens the way to more of participation from the patient.

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