November 24, 2010

Web 2.0 summit mobile tsunami

I was at Web 2.0 Summit last week. It was a great conference, and a great opportunity for me to learn and integrate some of the ideas that are out there. This is the best thing about conferences, you can spot trends, you can read trends from articles, and news, but when you hear someone who is a the center of it speak about it, sometimes it puts in into a whole new perspective.

I will have at least a couple of follow-ons to this post. I will discuss what I thought were the main themes, mobile, social, and overall internet trends around content and advertising.

Now speaking of mobile tsunami, I invite you to watch Mary Meeker, for some great insight on how Mobile is taking over the world. Among things that stood out for me:

  • The ramp for iPhone+iTouch+iPad haven’t seen before and it makes Desktop Internet, or the rest of the mobile Internet industry go look for a place to hide in shame.
  • Android and iOS between the two of them now 47% of global unit shipment of smartphones.
  • Rim is 15% holding its own, against the onslaught from the competition.
  • in 2012, one years from now really, more smartphones will be shipped than PCs(Desktops + Laptops)
  • Mobile pace of innovation is really fast, faster than ever
  • Location based allows for a new type of retail commerce
  • how products now are all about Fast + Easy + Fun

I think they are very interesting points on their own, together they are tsunami. Money will follow eyeballs and thumbs, the momentum is on Mobile, everything else is a blib on the radar or soon to be.  They are a call to action for software companies out there to come out and play and do it now. Next is strategically what does it mean to a brand or a product?

Since the incumbents are innovation at an unseen rate for this unchartered territory as we speak. More than ever are the priorities of products:

  • Speed, and agility
  • Release early release often
  • Planting a stake in the ground is the name since .

World according to Fred to be successful in Mobile:

Our organisations must be faster only to keep up, if we want to get ahead we have to be blazingly fast. The products themselves must be engineered with FAST in mind. They must give you the feeling of speed even though there is latency, or no connectivity. They must let you do what you need to do, and get out, kudos to Microsoft for cluing on this in their advertising for windows phone 7.

Think of your product experience as something that is out to be clear, simple and EASY. It’s important to take things away. The real estate is small, the user is always doing something else while using your application. Your product only has your audience partial attention, forget about having them fully engaged. EASY must be a design principle.

It looks like everything is a game on mobile. Mobile applications are FUN to use. We must design with the idea of making it a candy like experience. A candy  is immediately sweet and good, it doesn’t last long, so you go for another one, or your look for another one. Game mechanic is an important aspect of FUN, and so is Social graph connectedness as well as location based services. Mainly FUN is not about editing a spreadsheet, it’s about getting a fix, this is the immediate gratification that makes mobile FUN.

To create a mobile application we need to crank up the location, social and moment knobs along well known design principles, with the design goals of making it fast easy and fun!


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