February 11, 2009

Remember Gordon Gekko - why him now?

Read the post here When Greed Is Good.  I find it odd that in the times we are now, that good old Gekko would be right on something! This was a great movie needless to say. Gekko was far from being respectable and represents every thing the people in the US (main street as the in the know people say) now despise of WallStreet. Still let's face it the US is the US, where on the NewHampshire plate one can read "Live Free or Die", my point - it's the land of show me the money attitude. One where regulations are not going to do half as good as the entrepreneurs who wants to make a buck stepping up to the table and putting on some bets. Let's make sure this time that if they cook up something like the mortgage mess we're in some guidelines will be in place to catch the problem early.

I read the post and I thought he is right about banking on the private money to get this mess in ord order. When I go one step further, I know the private money will find a ways to make a lot of money out of this, and not all of the ways really good for the long term. When longterm is no longer considered, or even mid term, we're in trouble, this is where I think a little more intervention from the state is necessary, as much as I think regulations are no good they are legitimate.

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Phil Labelle said...


Even if I thought Gordon Gekko was not too bad 22 years ago... I hate to admit that you are probably right!!!