January 8, 2009

Blackberry vs IPhone

It's the third of fourth time I stumple on this story. Basically it speaks about the fight RIM and Apple are on for the smart phone market. The new products from RIM (Storm, Flip, Bold) have been good for RIM to get their momentum back from apple. Apple is really closing in fast on RIM though, and RIM can't sit on their laurels too long. The bit that is most interesting to me is the perception of consummers toward the storm vs the iphone. Analyst are all up in arms about the fact that iPhone has 77% of its owners 'very satisfied' about their iPhone, and RIM only has 33%. It's an important data point, still is it that important? Since when are Apple owners not hugely proud of their apple wares, and since when business users (read BB owners) are all emotional and franctic about their BB. We're speaking of two kind of people, one looking for the cool, simple and the remarkable experience - the apple brand promise. The second group looking for the device that will work, will be reliable, get the job done - Blackberry brand promise. Any thoughts?


Gerry said...

I've never been a big fan of Apple products, e.g., closed system hardware, and MacOS X is underwhelming to me, but Apple really hit a home run with the iPhone.

I purchased one in August and I've loved it ever since. The touch screen is the best I've ever used. There are a lot of innovative apps being developed and it seems that a lot of small developers are able to profit from their work much more easily than before. It's a great PDA and portable computer

My last PDA was a Palm V, and I've tried a couple of Windows Mobile devices at work, but they never captured me like the iPhone has. I've never used a Blackberry so I can't comment on it as far as usability is concerned. Aside from its historical business user base and a different way to enter text than the iPhone, I'm not seeing what the new Blackberry does better than the iPhone. I considered buying one when I made my purchase decision, but I went with the iPhone and I don't regret it.

Mathieu said...

I'm guessing those users who are only 33% very satisfied with their Blackberry, were evaluating their device on the basis of whether it was getting the job done.

Of course, as long as RIM only cares about corporate sales, it doesn't matter. It's not so much about the best tool, but the best salesmen. But it looks like their going after the consumer market. Not the same thing.

Jason Mawdsley said...

I think that RIM should focus on their corporate presence instead of the consumer.

RIM is distracted fighting Apple in the consumer space while Microsoft continues to improve in the corporate space.

Luigi Benetton said...

As a freelance technology writer, I have reviewed both the Storm and the iPhone, as well as the Curve. I'm also a long-time Palm owner.

My opinion: Apple has created a game-changer while other competitors seem mired in their own past successes. In terms of usability, it isn't even close, and let's get something straight: the iPhone IS a serious business device, even if Apple doesn't market it that way.

Long-term, the device that attracts the most killer apps will likely dominate the market (think Windows versus Mac and Linux and OS2...) Apple is off to a head start with the App Store, and 15,000 apps in six months... well, that's incredible momentum. Now it's up to the challengers to out-innovate Apple, which is what Apple is doing to them. Anything is possible. The fight isn't over, but it will be interesting to watch.

Frederic Boulanger said...

This is indeed very good observations Luigi. the eco-system for applications is key, and RIM hasn't done what needed to be done there. THey had the head start and their efforts never materialized the results that Apple has with its store. I hear they are coming with a store themselves, they have a lot of momentum to catch up.

Anonymous said...

RIM makes a good hand held email tool that serves as a mediocre phone. Apple makes a platform that provides an excellent user interface for developers and users as well as solid telephony . The fight is over. Platforms always beat widgets. BB is a widget, the iPhone is a platform.

Jas said...

Never been a fan of RIM's BB as a product. RIM is reactive while Apple is strategic. RIM is following while Apple is leading.

RIM had it when they first launched BB/email on the go, but now they are coming up with models every other day just to keep up with the mobile space. Innovation is completely missing.

Too many models, too many different software version to worry about.. hard to maintain and hence utter confusion both as a consumer and business.