October 24, 2008

RSS are keeping me from reading books or magazines

That's it I'm addicted to RSS. I'm a slave to Google Reader, and I'm subscribed to so many RSS feeds I can't keep up. I can't stay up to date with the news in RSS, and I don't read anything more than four lines anymore... I have this very interesting book, a thriller, I think I will have to start over since I have started too long ago, and I don't recall the names of the characters. I spend so much time reading the news, and there is so much of it that it's interferring with more serious or fullfilling reading. I almost compare this news reading addiction vs magazines and books, to junk food vs a good healthy meal. It's always more fun to go for the junk food.


Chris Gurney said...

Hey Fred,

I use a system similar to this and it seems to help get me through the many feeds I subscribe to:



Frederic Boulanger said...

Thanks Chris I will have a read!