October 8, 2008

Mobile innovation gap closing because of google and the iPhone

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBaseFrom BusinessWeek - we have "The US closes the mobile innovation gap" and how google and apple are in large part responsible for bringing the US (that would include Canada) out of the dark age wireless wise. More over we are now sending as many SMS as our Western European counterparts, amazing if you ask me. My conclusion is they were not sending that many SMS to start with compared to asia. They continue saying that the iTunes app store as catalysed mobile development in the US. Apple oddly enough here seems, according to businessweek, changed the game from a focus on hardware to a focus on content. I find that odd, given that all people rave about first and foremost is the slick design of the iPhone. The fact the apps are there up until now I'm sure has nothing to do with the success of the iPhone. Another interesting fact out of the article, now that mobile has caught on, the trends would only seem to accelerate as the US with only four carriers will drive adoption of new technologies, delivery models, content etc, than the numerous carriers in Europe. YOu can trust the US to always find an angle to differentiate favorably, 4 carriers mean more than one, so no monopoly, and fewer than many where it makes it hard to get things adopted.
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