October 7, 2008

gmail labs

From the useless feature department -Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Stop sending mail you later regret - google is releasing another feature in gmail that is at best eye candy nothing more. I'm sure there are other features that would be more meaningful to me joe user. I blogged this before but where is the address book synchronization functionality?

I don't understand what this feature will do for people. How in any meaningful way is it going to improve the user experience?

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Sylvain St-Germain said...

Haha! Well, you know what I could be the culprit.

I reported to Google a while back that I needed a feature that delays the sending of emails like Outlook allows you to do.

This Outlook feature used to allow me to get back to an email for which I already hit send. I could go in and change this inappropriate portion of the email.

Is it my feature request that got distorted in such a silly way?