September 29, 2008

Using Usability and End-User research to create great software

Starting in the 1980s, application software ha...Image via WikipediaIf you have ever wondered what the role of End User Research is all about or what tools and techniques are helping figure out what a user really thinks, then this is for you! We all want to create more succesful products, and getting your users on the bus will go a long way - if you know what to look for, how to get it and how it integrates in your release cycle.

We're holding a seminar on October 1st from 1pm to 2pm eastern and it's free. Please join us to learn more about how Using End User Research can help you create great software for your company. We hope to help you Debunk common usability myths and UX common tools and techniques. Enroll here if you're interested.
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