September 30, 2008

Ottawa high school technology program

I can't tell you how happy I am this morning. It's the launch of high school technology pilot program. It's been two years now I've been collaborating with kelly daize at ocri, Roxy at oce, and then the bigs guys started noticing and next thing you know we have marcellus mindel from ibm, rob from nortel all pitching in and getting things to fall in place. I probably forget tons of people who made this possible - thank you all!

It's the start of kids getting to be hands on with technology to program and do very exciting things with hardware and software. I hope this introduction will have the same impact the first time I wrote a basic program to convert miles into km will have on them. For me a light went on, I could do things with this beige box. Now they will be developing games and putting computers together or rip apart blackberries, different thrills for different times.

All in all I hope we can get some of those kids, boys and girls to discover how great sciences and engineering can be. the most interested ones will go to university and ultimately we will all be winners, students will have discovered a career they are passionate about and ottawa/canada will have a bigger innovators talent pool.

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