September 17, 2008

Great customer experience

In calgary this week - there is an energy here in the air that I haven't seen in a while. Lots of construction. The weather is just fantastic.

At the hotel(hyatt) the people are on uppers - they energetic and it's contagious. Everyone from the manager to the support staff are spot on service wise, positive tone, ending their sentences with energy.

Just for the wakeup call I was taken aback both when setting it up, and this morning when the phone rang. First when I set it up, the operator was again extremely nice and professional at the same time engaging. Then when the phone rang, it was a human, not a recording, at the end of the line asking me if I wanted another call in 10min and what the weather was going to be like, and if I would be needing breakfast this morning. The whole thing is so natural, not forced, it's a work of art, it comes off so genuine.

It strikes me that in the hospitality business your energy and good spirit are essential, just like in the services business. Well here I know just after one day that every single one of the employees has gone through a customer interaction course and how to make us feel good. Or maybe people in calgary are just naturally super nice people!!!
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