September 2, 2008

google chrome - and the future of computing...

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: The cloud's Chrome lining - it's nothing less than the future if computing is at stake brothers and sisters, hang on tight to your seat cause it's going to be a wild ride... I like the chicken little movie quote where chicken little's dad says "son I got to warn you in in 3seconds I'm going to start screaming like a little girl!" - because of the catastrophe looming for a bit of context. No not really, it's not going to happen this way. It's not going to be a bomb dropping on us, but we're going to progressively move more and more things in the "cloud" (to be one of the cool kids with the cheezy jargon!). Too often on the web the early adopters we all follow us techies just slam the ball out of the park, when really something is going to take years to happen.

I see myself in the future less and less dependant on the piece of hardware I use to access information(my laptop), and more dependant on the services delivering that information(google apps). I think it is good, it makes me more productive, I don't have to have my laptop with me all the time, I can use other devices to accomplish what I need to do.

MS and Google are coming at the internet opportunity from opposite ends. Each trying to leverage their assets so they can lock us in. I sincerely wish MS would move faster, for example with mesh, I have been a windows users since the early days, and for all the whining and bitching it's still the PC platform I feel most comfortable in, and mesh is proving very useful to me.

Google also needs to move faster, because with their web centric view, they don't sit well with the scenario where you're not always online. I don't want to settle for a lesser experience as a consumer. Gmail is great, although not quite there from both a functionality and stability perspective. On the other hand MS outlook and vista combined are so darn slow, that I have no choice to accept the google compromise.

anyway amen to Google's project, it's only going to be good for me - as it will rush MS to offer something better. I just hope MS gets going before I'm gone!

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