September 3, 2008

Business of software - seth godin

What a great speaker! Energetic and insightful. One of the few persons I have seen present who can get away with no words on his slides. This guy must be making presentations for a living!

As for takeaways - lots of the material covered is stuff he has written about, purple cow, permission marketing etc. Hearing it live makes a big difference, it's more insightful.

1)But here is how I would sum it up - as the consummer, we're all host, ready to carry a virus and spread it. The objective of my company thus has to be to create a virus so that it can spread far and wide. The virus is a prd a srv and the experience we create delivering it has a unique value proposition and it makes people want to talk about it, infect others. Your product must remarkable and people will talk about it.

2)Money or opportunities are at the edge of the spectrum, not in the middle. At the edge people wait in line to buy your product. To me it means you can't be all things to everyone. You can't be both a hummer and a mini at the same time. Both cars up until very recently made very good money because they are not middle of the road. Or another way to look at it is one can make money in scarcity or ubiquity. He then used the seinfeld example. Scarcity seinfeld - his shows in vegas, you want to see him, go to vegas, and pay 250 to go to his show, he makes good money filling up the place. The ubiquity seinfeld - the tv show - the advertisers are paying for us to see him on the tube. The is no middle of the road here.

3)The new medium must be used, blogs, social networks, the communities etc. Your prd must must work this new media to its advantage. It's not the new media that will fit your prd. Own your media channel and invest time and energy to develop it and build it.

4)Your customers have a voice now. Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity for a up or down - what is it going to be? Customer experience is so important.

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