September 3, 2008

Business of Software - Reddit - Alexis Ohanian

Image representing Reddit as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBase, source unknown You know there are kids you see and you just know they are going to go places. Alexis is one of them, he is the co-founder of Reddit. He was doing a presentation this afternoon, not really serious, and he proved he's a great presenter. His presentation's title was about "How to start, run and sell a web 2.0 startup" It was all fun and games. So here are two good clips:
  • To describe what is web 2.0: you have one sentence to know - "It's like ____ but with ____". So it would go like, my startup is xyz, it's like YouTube but for accountant. I thought that was funny, or it was funnier live!
  • on How to sell - first you're not here to save the world, you're about getting filty fucking rich, let the hippies save the world, when has a whale bough you a porshe anyway!
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