September 4, 2008

Business of Software - 37signals - Jason Fried

37Signals are very original guys. They do things differently, and their reality is allowing them to be very different. The question which is fueling which: is it because of their reality they are the way they are, or is because they are the way they are that they have this reality. Enough of philosophy. Jason shared with us some of his thoughts, some of them I want to point out because I connected with them.
  • Decisions are temporary - meaning it's ok to change your mind when conditions are different.
  • Focus on what doesn't change - what are the constants of your business, they should be the things you plan around. What's going to be the same thing in your business ten years from now, and how does this shape the decisions you have to make today.
  • Follow the chefs - batali, flay and others, they are on tv outsharing, out teaching, out contributing. They are telling us this cooking stuff isn't that difficult, follow us. It's much cheaper to out teach your competition than out spend it, start sharing! I will have more post on the chef stuff because it goes further than that in my mind.
  • Target non consumption, or non consummers. They are people with needs but not buying for one reason or another. The existing solutions are too pricy, too complex for the non consummers. The existing products are always getting more and more feature marching toward the stratosphere of functionality and complexity. This means they are leaving a big void at the low end, there are huge opportunities in delivering solutions that solves simple problems - look at basecamp.
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