August 22, 2008

Van Koeverden - 8th in the K-1 1000m

I don't know a bit about kayak, but he was a a very strong contender for a medal in that race. I can't help but be very disappointed by his performance, but at the same time I know he is also taking it very hard. All in all I think i'm just very sad to see an extreme performer, crash and burn when its time to excel. I sincerely hope he can rally and step up to the plate for the k-1 500m, "Go Go Go man, go lets go!" On the other hand Karine Sergerie fought her way all the way to a silver medal taekwondo our best ever finish in that discipline - way to go!!


Tony said...

Silver for the k500!!! Talk about a bounce back! We can all learn from this guy.

Frederic Boulanger said...

Yes Indeed, way to go, and congratulation to the whole canadian team over in Beijing you made us proud!