August 18, 2008


So I caved in as well and I bought an iPhone. It's a nice toy, tool. The user experience is A+ all around. You just love using the thing. I've never felt so comfortable browsing the web on such a small screen. It's so natural, you just know what you should be doing. The Blackberry is not even close in terms of sexiness with the OS being so 90ies. I think the BB is the stable, reliable, field tested, unsexy product, while iPhone is the sports car in constant need of attention. The app store is wonderful - there are already more apps for iPhone than there are for BB. I wish RIM had been more aggressive with this aspect of their business, the app eco-system.

But Before I can think of switching to it as my main device, there are serious shortcomings Apple will need to work out.
  • Battery life: it sucks - you can't last one day, unless you turnoff just about everything that makes the device useful. The 3G support is sucking the life out of the battery. You add on the email check (push vs pull) and depletes even faster. By comparison my BB lasts at two full days using it all out.
  • Contact book: Why on earth can't they index this address book right. The app takes forever to load, then the search is even slower. Type in a letter and wait 3seconds, then type another one, then wait again. On top of that the index on the right hand side to go straight to a letter, is so small that it's useless. By comparison my BB zips through the address book lightning fast, and it's immediate results.
  • Crashes: A lot of the apps in the app store are less than stellar, the platform is young i'll give them that. The crashes are not consistent. The most problematic crashes though is with Safari, for no reason while browsing you will be brought back to the main screen and you have to start over.
  • Typing: I knew this going in, but it's really frustrating for a BB user to make so many typos and fight so hard with the auto-suggestions mechanism. The touch screen needs improvements for typing it's not nearly as efficient as a the BB qwerty keyboard.
I love the device - but it's got this 1.0 taste to it, even though it's iPhone 2.0. Why do I love this device so much beats me - If I were RIM I would work hard at jazzing things up and making the devices sexier. RIM has a lot going for them(battery life, reliability, functionality), but they have a very worthy competitor rising up.

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Henning said...

Welcome to the world of iPhone, Fred! I bought one almost a month ago, and haven't regretted it! Three of my closest friends also bought one.

Now I'm stuck on Twittelator.