August 18, 2008

Back from my break

So I'm back this morning from my 2weeks break. I was at the cottage for most of the time. Since we just bought the cottage it was our first time up there for that kind of stretch of time. It was fun all around. Through Ludovic, and his view of the world as an 8yrs old, I got to remember what summer was like at that age. It's amazing what a dock and a lake can do to the spirit of an 8yrs old. Ludovic must have jumped off the deck at least a thousand times. The weather this summer has been so so here in the region, but there was not one day where we could not find the sunshine we needed to go out an dive in the lake. Ludo has also caught some pretty good size bass fish - enough for him to work for up to 5minutes in certain cases before getting them out. Then when not swimming or fishing it was off in the woods chasing imaginary monsters. It's also the first year Ludo picked up on card playing - so everynight we would play card games with him. The two young rugrats also did appreciate the lake - Charlie now can jump off the deck all by herself, and we barely have to help her out go back on the deck, with her little floaters she's totally cute. As for Nathaniel - well he can't swim much, we were more focussed on getting him to sleep and eat. Neither of the two activities seem to be very enjoyable for him these days, it will pass! We also did lots of biking - the area is full of little dirt roads and skidoo trails - we get to see deers everytime we go out. We had a great time! Cheers to summer 08 vacations.

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