July 2, 2008

Vista SP1 con't - take III

AS you may recall from my posts - my journey to SP1 has been anything but easy. I'm now proud to announce that I'm running a new and improved windows Vista, SP1 finally did install. How so I hear you ask - well finally Windows update has informed me it was ready to install SP1 on my machine and it has successfully installed. Who said a machine was not better than a human, in this case it's Machine 4, me 0 - 4 being the number of times I tried to install the darn thing. I'm now crossing my fingers that my machine is now going to be much faster and reliable. For example that darn WMI service crashing on me all the time. ok now back to enjoying my new life as a member of the SP1 club! ta-ta!

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Jason Mawdsley said...

You are a long way from BeOS eh?