July 16, 2008

Successful hiring

Official Google Blog: Our Googley advice to students: Major in learning -
here is a good short blurb on what Google thinks. The usual suspect - analytical reasoning(being able to see beyond the obvious), willingness to experiement(ie it's ok to be wrong, i will find another way), communication skills(can you explain what you've done), team player(it's too bad when you have to go to a really smart guy/gal and say: look you really got to work on your people skills because nobody wants to work with you.), passion and leadership(no no leadership is not a bunch of people doing what you asked them to, it's the ability to inspire others to follow) and one that I really want to single out Passion, in my mind the person I hire must have a spark if not it won't work.

For the calculus freak in you, and a post similar to this see Passion:
if G = gift out of the factory, how intelligent one is, the raw talent
if P = drive, desire to make things happen, take on challenges...
if t = time

Successful candidate = G + Pt
the first derivative is P, over time what really matter is Passion. So I know it's over simplified but my point is simple - without passion in what one does one will not excel or contribute to its fullest to the organization. The passion post I wrote explains how a company should think its interview process with that in mind. For the hockey fans out there check out Alexandre Daigle, what do you think - lots of talent of out of the factory, but no passion - top pick for the ottawa senators, but ended up being booted out for two dozens hockey sticks.

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