July 16, 2008

Ottawa and Plasco Group getting down to business

Ottawa Building North America’s First Gasification Facility | EcoGeek - I don't know how I missed this one, and I had to pick it up from EcoGeek, but this is good news. Ottawa apparently has unanimously voted to have Plasco setup a full fledged thrash processing plant. It's technology I don't understand, but after hearing Rod Bryden the ceo talk about it, I wanted to give him money. He is a very good salesguy no doubt, but I also think his group has got something going -it's not smoke and mirror. I'm very happy to see Ottawa buy local.


gonz_101@yahoo.com said...

so i saw a hearing with the environmental committee of port moody bc, indeed he was a good salesmen.for some reason the public didnt really take to the idea of this facility in port moody, for various different reasons non that were not already explained except one that really caught my attention was the numbers of the Ottawa facilities were only running between 10-30% in comparison to what the facility was supposed to be running at stated in the glorious 45 minute power point presentation, i was just wondering if anyone actually knew the real number. because this really does sound like something that could be amazing for communities around the world

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