June 24, 2008


Alec TrevelyanImage via WikipediaZemanta is the closest thing to a decent helper writing tool I have found. Thanks to a post from Alec Saunder's blog where I noticed it - I'm now going to be using it. It's recommendations of pictures are not all that accurate, but they make for so much more interesting post!!! But the related articles suggestions seem more accurate as you can see below -
Zemanta Pixie From there the possibilities are practically endless. I suggest that like any web 2.0 firms out there they are about or have already opened up their API so that we can add our own widgets to ride on their engine. Widgets, could be weather, imdb, maps....


Frederic Boulanger said...

Ok - this is why it wasn't easy to go below the related links box, it doesn't seem to work! Anyhow stay about the related links if you want the post to look ok!

Anna said...

I never tried going below the related articles before. I see that's not a good idea.

I agree that the images aren't always relevant, but I really love the related articles feature. I have found some really interesting stuff that way.

Thanks for using my related article!