June 24, 2008

Symbian is now Nokia and going the community route!

Well well well - maybe Android was too much for Nokia, didn't want to have Google driving their business. Symbian is loosing steam, this is my understanding anyway. Getting something to run on Symbian is not straight forward, and requires hard core programmers. They will have their work cut out in the community. Nokia knows that if they unite every one around they will be stronger. Read/Write web was alluding to Nokia wanting more control "a la" apple owning both the hw and the platform, going the community route is not the easiest way to have control over a platform. On the other hand what can Nokia do, if they don't make it community - Nokia will be the only vendor with symbian phones.


Mark Kotyk said...

This is curious.. Nokia also recently bought TrollTech (specifically for their Q-Topia embedded platform as I understand). They've also recently acquired Navteq which is "thee" source of North American map data.

Sounds like they're really throwing their weight around to compete with iPhone and the next coming crop of devices.

Frederic Boulanger said...

Interesting Mark - I didn't see it that way, but yes indeed. Getting Qt ported to symbian, will be in fact a very good thing for Symbian. The platform is complex, and could use a simpler framework like Qt to facilitate app development and the learning curve required. Couple this with Navteq and now the location based acquisition they made yesterday in GE and they are going to go full throttle localization based services.