June 4, 2008

Software is getting better

The much contested Standish group in some software engineering circles has published an updated study on software project failures. find the original study here. It was contested on the basis of how the research was performed by certain researchers.

The latest study points to some significant improvements over the figures of 94. They report that 35% of software projects started in 06 were completed on time, on budget and did what they were supposed to do. This compares very favourably to 94, where only 16% met the requirements above. In the category of projects that failed outright went down from 31% to 19%, so a significant reduction there as well.

Interesting numbers and very encouraging trend. Reading from the SDTimes, the three main reasons for such improvements:

  • Better project Management
  • Iterative development
  • web infrastructure

If you read the article you will quickly get the point that rapid iterations with users to see results, and check against their expectations, coupled with the users's familiarity with technology is helping capturing the requirements better.

What I take away - If your user does not have a seat on your innovation bus, forget about getting where you want to go successfully.

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