June 24, 2008

Rogers revamp of data plans for Blackberry

My opinion - fine I will save 30$/month with this from now on. On the other hand, what about my voice plan - Rogers? The first time i read it, i thought iPhone were getting both unlimited voice and data for 30$ - that would have been insane - but no - it's only data and visual v-mail, so the unfairness is not that bad. I'm still very tired of getting creamed on voice calls at the end of each month. Wouldn't life be nice now with a voip on my bb so that I could make use of the 300MB of data I have now, or any wi-fi connection I have access to. Then pls mobivox - my life would be much nicer if you could create a sync services for my address book so that I could just dial mobivox's local numbers and deal with voxgirl to dial by name, or better create a BB add-on to insert yourself in the calling options and pass the phone number as input automagically...

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