June 16, 2008

Canadian Copyright reform tabled - are we in the US

I've been thinking for the longest time we were going to be smart about this Copyright thing. Well it looks like the US have had their way, they been painting us as the kingdom of piracy for the last little while, and now Harper's government is tabling a bill that will make an outlaw of every honest citizen in this country. Woopidoo - we now have the time to timeshift using our PVR, thanks M. Industry Minister. Read more here and at Alec's

Look there is no way it should be illegal for me to have my tunes in any device I want if I have paid for the tune. Or a movie for that matter.

The sad thing about this whole thing is the industry is annoying the very own people who are still buying their product! It won't stop the kids from doing anything, and now me an avid buyer of music to this day, I'm being told what I should be doing with my tunes. It's rubs me the wrong way.

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