May 1, 2008

the states of affairs with wireless, cellular and gadgets

When I read a story like this one, where in the US wifi is free for iPhone users apparently AT&T Providing Free Wi-Fi Access to iPhone Users [Updated] - Mac Rumors
I just feel depressed, because here in the land of the habs(who have lost by the ways yesterday) we have no such free things, and worse, I don't even see a glimpse of a trend pointing at something remotely similar. We're archaic, we will have the iPhone sometimes this year. Rogers is charging an arm and a leg, their plans don't make much sense. Tivo is still not shipping the HD capable device here in Canada, because our cable companies are using old technologies. Another one - Apple TV is next to useless since you can't buy or rent content from it in Canada, because Apple hasn't been able to secure the rights for that content in Canada. So where does this leave me - It leaves me with a absurdely high cel phone bill, a wi-fi capable BB that is next to useless, a tv experience where I still need to go to Blockbuster in my care to get a good flick, and the habs are loosing 3-1... Anyhow there are bigger problems I know, this is my rant, but heck you would think that we could be further ahead with all the talks going on.

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