May 26, 2008

FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn, SecondLife, blogs, IM etc...

I was at Gartner's Outsourcing conference last week, one of the keynote speaker Dov Seidman was on the new ways we have to do business. It goes like this

We're extremely connected. We're in a world of extreme transparency. Connectivity somehow is now transparency. What we do/say as an individual or organization will stay around forever. Rarely now when I meet somebody new I won't google the person's name, or check things our on linkedin. Did you know that MySpace was the 11th most populous country on earth! The reputation game is now more than ever worth gold. As Warrent Buffet once said: "if you loose 1$ for the firm I will be understanding, if you loose reputation for the firm, I will be ruthless".  The connectiveness is an opportunity to find new ways to lead. We know that unlike in the past, information can't be controlled, can't be accumulated just like land or cash could be controlled, and to top it off information is infinite.

We're going into an experience economy, and you can't automate experience it's so human. If you connect to people in this world of extreme connectedness - you get to influence, and this is the new green. Influence has always been important, it just seems on steroids with all things social on the web. As a an individual, one can always coerce, motivate or inspire - but the last one, getting people to buy in the vision as their own is the only one with a long term potential when one is in a connected world.

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