May 15, 2008

Empower your BlackBerry

As you know already I come from the palm world. Since I have switched from the Treo to BB, there is a piece of functionality I had to give up that I found more painful than others. On the treo I had the ability to create task/appointment from a call, an email, or a contact. I finally got my hands on something that has a similar kind of functionality as a side effect. Empower HTML email viewer allows me to get my emails in HTML which is much better than the std viewer on the BB, but also, from an email I can now create a task or an appointment, and Empower sucks the content out of the email to populate the task or the appointment with the right information. It's by no means perfect, because it could use the from field to give a little more context to the appointment or the task, but it's one step in the right direction. Give it a shot.

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