April 22, 2008

web 2.0, community, and creativity

Dilbert.com relaunches with Web 2.0 flavor | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone
So now every one can write the punch line in Dilbert's strip. I like Dilbert, so I might even write a punch line on some of those strips, but I'm more passive than anything so I will probably more enjoy what every one else writes.

This will seem off tangent but, we speak a lot about community, and the fact the user is in charge in the context of web 2.0. I don't think Dilbert is a user community in charge. I understand the goal of Scott Adams, he wants to drive more traffic to his site, that's his living. For users of that site they are riding the dilbert popularity.

This morning the only thing that comes to mind when I think user in charge is people doing things that have been done before, or creating a free alternative. It's like a users getting together and thinking "it would be neat to launch a category 5 Hurricane on so and so business by teaming the web people together" - my point where is the out of no-where creative solution? the one that doesn't have a real world alternative, or an existing but paying alternative. great solutions have been created that way, I use many of them, but genuine innovation, MS doing something the community as done - I can't think of any.

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