April 2, 2008

vista sp1 - double trouble!

twice tonight I have tried to install the SP1, first time manually and second time auto update. I was wondering why SP1 didn't install automatically, I didn't read enough and I went ahead and downlowaded the 434MB file and manually started the install. After an uneventful install, and a final reboot, I'm running what I think is SP1, but then I notice my sound driver doesn't work. First info I find on the web is "reboot the machine, then if the problem persists ..." So I reboot, it takes forever to shutdown, and then the following message "SP1 didn't not install successfully, reverting changes" oh Great! So I read a little bit more, and then apparently there is a problem with my sound driver, which explains why auto update didn't kick in automatically, SP1 won't install on my machine with those drivers, I need to update. So I update the drivers. Then auto-update, finds an important vista update, SP1. So it installs, then every thing seems find, I reboot just for the heck, and here we go again - "Service pack did not install successfully, reverting changes". Well that's it for me, somebody tell me what the heck is wrong with my machine or me!

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