April 1, 2008

Product development outsourcing - close to home

We've all heard those short sentences or short statements from people, and too often I think well what an obvious thing to say "Of course I'm thinking, thanks you for repeating the obvious" kind of thing, not meant in a rude way. One day though this little sentence comes back and hits me in the face.

So my father in law always use just enough words, not too much, not too little. So when Nathaniel was born, he said "Only sleep will get you through", hmm - yeah right... I'm thinking I understand what he means. After 3months oh man! I can't complain much because Manon is the one up every night, but he is so right - Sleep is the only thing that really matters. See the guy has had three kids too, and he knows that at one point they will be getting on your nerves so bad, and if you're not well rested, everything gets very painful, the kids crying, the diapers change, taking one to school, not getting all greens for behaviour at school etc... The worst - supper time, just after a good/bad day at work, it can ruin you, one is talking to you, the other wants to jump off the high chair, and the little one is screaming his lungs out, so you gobble up the food in record time - running for the hills is the only thing you think about. So my point is you can hear something, think you understand, but not fully grasp the depth of what you just heard. We always say Communication is important, and this is a strong point at Macadamian. When it's time to innovate, time is always of the essence, so getting it fully is a matter of success or death. If the type of misconception above can slip in between two people in the same family, can you imagine what can happen when you insert, distance, culture, timezones, etc... Can a company who wants to be successful at creating new products afford to not deal with a team of designers, architects, experts close to home? For more on this please read our analysis about Outsourcing Strategy

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