April 25, 2008


From Kevin Dee here in town of Eagle Professional Resources. He wrote a while back about Procrastination. I had taken a note to re-visit that post, since for me in my day to day procrastination is a constant fight. For Kevin to get over it is about telling himself "FULL day of work, for every day AT work". For me his motto sums it up and this is what I aim to do everyday, but if I'm to stop there it won't work. Take cold calls for examples, we all have tasks we don't particularly enjoy doing, but we do them to get to our goals. For me when it's time to cold call during the day the handset any given day will weight from a few grams, to 50pounds.

What works best for me is the way we were taught to program back in University. I decompose the problem in smaller pieces, and after decomposing for a while I always come up with an action that I feel is not difficult to do, and I strictly focus on the task at end, then on the next one, but not before the previous one is finished. In the case of the cold call - it's start with pick up the darn head set, then dial, wait for pickup, then put a cheerful tone in your voice and off I go with the flow.

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