April 10, 2008

Paul Buchheit: The most important thing to understand about new products and startups

The more I read this guy the more I realize why gmail is such a great product. in the book founders at work he is identified as the inventor of gmail.

What is the humble approach to product design? Pay attention. Notice which things are working and which aren't. Experiment and iterate. Question your assumptions. Remember that you are wrong about a lot of things. Watch for the signals. Lose your technical and design snobbery. Whatever works, works

This quote alone could get our usability architect explain its meaning for hours. It says so many things, but I take away the following

  • Design with your users, involve them
  • Since there is a lot of trial and error - make sure I can do it effectively and cheaply, ie low fidelity prototypes
  • fall in love with the idea of your user falling in love with your product, as opposed to be in love with the elegance or the technology I used.


Chris Gurney said...

I absolutely loved that book -- it truly inspired me!

Frederic Boulanger said...

Yes it can a felt like a compilation of short stories. My favorite one is Dan Briklin's visicalc, full of drama!